Is Your Computer Running Slow?


Try out these tips for better performance:

  • Reboot slow computer.
  • Most times, all your computer needs is a reboot. You should reboot your computer at least once a week just to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Uninstall unused programs.
  • When you first get a computer, different programs come with it that you will never use or you probably don’t know they even exist. If you are unsure what’s important, try a third-party program called PC Decrapifier, it’s free and it tells you which programs you don’t want or need!
  • Check software updates.

Software updates usually fix bugs and glitches that might be slowing down your computer.

  • Stop programs from starting up automatically.
  • Many programs default to start when you turn your computer on so you don’t have to wait for them to load when you need to use them later. Some really aren’t necessary and you may never use them.
  • Install anti-virus software.
  • It is vital that you have an anti-virus software on your computer. It prevents malware, viruses, and keeps your computer in it’s best shape. It runs scans on your computer to remove anything that can do harm to your computer. Follow this link for access to free antivirus software:

Blog by STAT member Laniah Murriell

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