Tech Gadgets for Pets

Technology has not only improved human’s lives, but it has also improved the lives for our furry little friends. Every year, more and more technological devices are introduced to consumers, including devices that are meant specifically for our pets. Some of the most sophisticated, yet useful devices for pets are included below.


If your dog suffers from anxiety, then iCalmPet may alleviate some of your pet’s anxiety and stress through music. The music chosen for this device is designed to reduce your pet’s anxiety and can even be customized to better fit your dog’s needs.


GoBone is an interactive toy for dogs that will keep them entertained for hours. This toy’s option to customize allows your dog to be happier longer with their new toy. Owners can input their dog’s age, weight, breed, and play style to better engage their dog with their GoBone.

Dart Automatic Laser Pet Toy

To keep your pet busy for a while, you can buy the Dart Automatic Laser Pet Toy. This gadget has an automatic rotating laser light that moves in a circle and switches direction at random times. The Dart Automatic Laser Pet Toy provides great entertainment for pets when owners are stepping out of the house to run errands.

Led Light Up Collar

LED collars are designed to make your early morning and late-night walks with your pet easier and safer. The collar helps pet owners know where their pet is in the dark and helps others see your pet.

Pet Cube

For those who travel often or work long hours, the Pet Cube is a must have. The Pet Cube is an indoor home pet camera that lets owners interact with their pets through their smartphones. The Pet Cube has many features to give you the closest experience to actually being home with your pet, such as night vision, 2-way audio, build in laser toy, and zoom in.

Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Dog Groomer

This attachment helps pet owners with picking up persistent pet hair seems impossible to pick up. All you have to do is attach this gadget to your vacuum. Using this vacuum tool is particularly useful for pet owners who have long-haired pets.