Burberry Taking Snapchat by Storm

Hello angels! Fashion majors this one is for you–

Fashion brands have started making their way to social media. When fashion week arrives it is usually seen through the models or celebrities instagram accounts but now Burberry gave fans a look at their spring 2016 through snapchat! That’s right snapchat!


Snapchat has been growing fast, since the app was first launched in 2011. Snapchat has over pasted vine and taken a top spot right behind instagram in a recent poll and my personal favorite social media sites. While more Iphone and ios users enjoy snapchat, than android users, it is still beloved by many.

How has snapchat kept itself in the social hub? It could have been taking away a feature that so many used to stalk boyfriends or best friend. But in hindsight that was a smart move. By taking away something that has been on the app since its beginning it gave people something to talk about, just when snapchat started to get a little boring they threw in this curve ball. After doing that they add emjois and new filters, which is another brilliant move. So with snapchat growing exponentially, how do you feel about having fashion shows via snaps?

If you follow Burberry on snapchat you will get to watch their spring 2016 campaign from behind the scenes. You get an all access pass! Live content has already been posted to the Burberry snap story so make sure you add them if you want to be in on the fun! Christopher bailey, Chief executive officer for Burberry, told the press “We wanted to play with the traditional format of an advertising campaign to make it much more immediate and accessible, just as we did with our runway show last month…”. The campaign features photo-shoots, looks at the models and of coarse all the clothes. Have no fear if you aren’t a snapchatter the full print campaign will be released in January 2016!

burberry-snapchat-11                        burberry-snapchat-2

SO tell us what you think! What other companies do you want to see on snapchat?


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