What is Airbnb and How is it Changing the Work Force?

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According to google, “A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌, ‌ ‌I‌n‌c‌.‌ is a privately held global company headquartered in San Francisco that operates an online marketplace and hospitality service which is accessible via its websites and mobile apps. Members can use the service to arrange or offer lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences.”

Airbnb has been making traveling for both vacations and business trips more affordable for almost ten years. One way that Airbnb is changing the hotel industry is by putting pressure on hotels to keep their rates reasonable and to not price gouge their customers during popular times of the year. Airbnb has also opened up more places for people to stay during busy times of the year when hotels are fully booked. They recently decided to offer Airbnb in another 1,000 cities, showing that it is a great business that is constantly growing.

This is a great alternative for businesses to use when sending their employees on trips because not only is it cheaper but it is often easier to book these locations and it has more of a “home” feel to it since they almost always have full bathrooms and complete kitchens. If you’re someone who travels frequently you should definitely consider and look into Airbnb rentals!

Blog written by STAT member: Brittany Peele

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