Why You Should Backup Your Data

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Imagine working on a ten-week-long project and this project has caused a lot of stress and tears, but you are almost done with it! Then, suddenly, your computer screen goes black. It turns out your hard drive has failed, and nothing can be retrieved from your old computer, which means your entire project and every other file saved on your computer is gone. If the project had been backed up, then this situation will never become an issue since the project is still available to you, even without your computer. There are many reasons to back up your files, and here are some of the most relevant reasons to do so:

Hard Drive Failure

As shown in the above scenario, hard drives can crash, and at the most unsuspecting times. When the hard drive in your computer fails, it is often impossible to retrieve all of your files off of your computer. Backing up your files helps prevent loss of extremely important files.


Computer Crashes

Very similar to a hard drive failure, a computer crash can come at any unsuspecting moment. There are many reasons a computer crashes, such as old age, physical damage, or a virus. Since it is nearly impossible to tell when a computer is about to crash, the best solution is to keep your files safe is to back them up.


Although everyone likes to think their computer will not be stolen from them, it happens more often than not, especially as computers become more important to society. Even though a stolen computer is a headache within itself, having your data backed up from the beginning ensures fewer headaches if your computer is stolen.

The best and most reliable places to back your data are Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Another option to backup data is on a flash drive, but flash drives can become corrupt, which means all of your data on the flash drive has disappeared.