HiTechHalos is managed by Meredith College Technology Service’s STAT Team. These tech-savvy angels are here to help solve your woes and keep you up-to-date on important news in the world of technology!

The Angels:

Asiyah Ahmad — C/O 2020 〈Computer Science Major〉
Helina Biru — C/O 2018 〈Interior Design Major〉
Emily Brown — C/O 2019 〈Business Administration Major〉
Winny Chepkurui — C/O 2020 〈〉
Yi Church — C/O 2018 〈〉
Lauren Currier — C/O 2020 〈Graphic Design Major〉
Melanie Cusick — C/O 2019 〈Computer Science Major〉
Jamie Fox — C/O 2019 〈Business Administration Major〉
Lauren Hickey — C/O 2019 〈Food and Nutrition Major〉
Rachael Hoffman — C/O 2018 〈Interior Design Major〉
MacKenzie Mills — C/O 2019 〈Political Science Major〉
Ainsley Pozsik — C/O 2018 〈Graphic Design Major〉
Ashley Ricks — C/O 2019 〈〉
Savannah Roach — C/O 2021 〈Computer Science Major〉
Sandra Taranhike — C/O 2019 〈〉
Barbara Teague — C/O 2020 〈〉



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