Color Prints Come to Campus!

New Color Copiers Arrive!

Now that the new copiers are here, users are asking “how-to” questions.  The most asked question has been how to avoid printing in color by accident.  See the “Help Docs” mentioned below for a guide on changing your default setting in Windows. 

A few other safeguards against accidental color printing are already in place:

  • From your computer, check the color settings in the software you are printing from before hitting print.
  • From your computer, note the amount on the pop-up message after sending the print job to Pharos
  • At the copier, click on the document waiting to be printed.  The cost of that job will show to the right. (black & white 5¢ | color 35¢)
HP Printer

You will not be charged for the print job until you release and print it at the copier. The MC-Copier driver is the only one with the option to print color. MC-Printer is for the smaller black & white HP printers found in the residence halls and labs.

We have uploaded “Help Docs” to MyMeredith.  Topics include:

  • How Do I Change My MC-Copier to Default to Black & White?
  • How Do I Add the Finisher (need for stapling) to My MC-Copier Driver?
  • How Do I Delete Old Printers?

Click for a direct link to the “Help Docs“. More information on changing color setting in common programs like Adobe, Microsoft Office, and Google are coming soon!

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