Color Prints Come to Campus!

New Color Copiers Arrive!

Now that the new copiers are here, users are asking “how-to” questions.  The most asked question has been how to avoid printing in color by accident.  See the “Help Docs” mentioned below for a guide on changing your default setting in Windows. 

A few other safeguards against accidental color printing are already in place:

  • From your computer, check the color settings in the software you are printing from before hitting print.
  • From your computer, note the amount on the pop-up message after sending the print job to Pharos
  • At the copier, click on the document waiting to be printed.  The cost of that job will show to the right. (black & white 5¢ | color 35¢)
HP Printer

You will not be charged for the print job until you release and print it at the copier. The MC-Copier driver is the only one with the option to print color. MC-Printer is for the smaller black & white HP printers found in the residence halls and labs.

We have uploaded “Help Docs” to MyMeredith.  Topics include:

  • How Do I Change My MC-Copier to Default to Black & White?
  • How Do I Add the Finisher (need for stapling) to My MC-Copier Driver?
  • How Do I Delete Old Printers?

Click for a direct link to the “Help Docs“. More information on changing color setting in common programs like Adobe, Microsoft Office, and Google are coming soon!

One comment

  1. Thanks so much for your directions on changing the default printing setting to Black and White!

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