Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you ever get sick of using a computer mouse or trackpad? Does your computer mouse ever just stop working? Have you ever misplaced your mouse? Well you don’t have to worry about this anymore! KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS!!! That’s right you can use your keyboard to do simple commands on you computer that you thought you would only be able to do with a computer mouse. Here is a list of 20 helpful keyboard shortcuts for Mac and PC that you can use if you ever get in any of these situations.

ActionPC CommandMac Command
Cut the Selected itemCtrl + XCommand – X
Copy the selected itemCtrl + CCommand – C
Paste the selected itemCtrl + VCommand – V
Undo an actionCtrl + ZCommand – Z
Lock your computerWindows logo key + LShift – Command – Q
Go backAlt + Left arrow Command – Left arrow
Go forwardAlt + Right Arrow Command – Right arrow
Move up one screenAlt + Up arrowCommand – Up arrow
Move down one screenAlt + down arrowCommand – Down arrow
Selected all items in a windowCtrl + ACommand – A
Open EmojisWindows logo key  + period (.) or semicolon (;) Control – Command – Spacebar
Delete a selected itemCtrl + DCommand – Delete
ScreenshotPrtScnShift – Command – 5
Search a pageF3Command – F
Move the cursor to the beginning of the next wordCtrl + Right arrowOption – Shift – Right Arrow
Move cursor to the beginning of the previous wordCtrl + Left arrow Option – Shift – Left Arrow
Move cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph Ctrl + Down arrowOption – Shift – Down Arrow
Move cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph Ctrl + Up arrowOption – Shift – Up Arrow
Open File Explorer/FinderWindows Logo + ECommand – N
Minimize all windowsWindows Logo + MCommand – M

Here are some resources for additional Keyboard shortcuts:

Blog written by: Allyson Nowell

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