How to Keep your Technology safe at the Beach

The beach is a common spot for relaxation and taking a break from the real world, but valuables can be stolen, misplaced, or damaged by the elements. Follow these simple rules to keep your technology safe and your mind at ease.

Take a Waterproof Pouch

Everyone loves to take their kindle, ipad, or smartphone to enjoy books or to snap pictures. However, one drop in the ocean or sand can cause serious damage. A waterproof pouch is able to protect your device while giving you the same accessibility of using the touch screen. This is a great protection when you want a family picture in the ocean or along the shoreline, if you drop it no worries, the pouch protects against water and sand.

Invest in an Anti-theft Beach bag or Safe

Invest in an anti-theft beach bag or safe: With taking your valuable technology items to the beach, using an anti-theft bag is one of the best ways to protect against theft. These bags have a lock system that can attach to umbrellas or chairs, making sure no one will steal your items. If you’re still concerned about your items, a small carry-on safe would be your next option. The safes still have the handle lock technology but also comes with a code to type in each time to be opened. You can find one listed here Portable Safe.

Keep your valuables out of sight: If you’re ready to go back in the ocean after a quick break on your iPad, place it out of sight or in one of the containers listed above. A thief is likely to not steal something they do not know you have. Use the items listed above to maximize the protection against your technology this summer at the beach!

What is your go-to gadget or tip to keeping your things safe at the beach?

Blog Post Written By: Kenzie Mills

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