WCW: Karen Mooney

WCW: Karen Mooney

Which gender do you think of when you think of a tech-related job? Typically, a male comes to mind. According to the Huffington Post, only 26% of computer and mathematical occupations are held by women. These low statistics for women indicate a larger issue: the lack of female role models in the tech industry. It is important for female students to see successful women in STEM fields because they are more likely to believe they will able to succeed in a STEM field. Fortunately, Meredith has a high percentage of successful women at Technology Services, even at the top! Karen Mooney is a great example of a woman who has been able to defeat the glass ceiling to get to the top ranks at Technology Services. Karen has dedicated 25 years of her career to Meredith College, and has even worked in the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices while working at Meredith.

Even though Karen has spent the bulk of her career working at Technology Services, she originally had not planned to work with technology. Her work trajectory changed a little when she became a student worker at Technology Services, where she was exposed to the wonderful world of technology. Working in the department as a student helped Karen define some of her strengths, and she was doing what she loved, which was figuring things out. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Karen decided she was not officially done with school. In 1999, Karen graduated with an MBA degree at Meredith.

Through hard work and dedication, Karen climbed up the ladder from starting as a student worker to now being the Director of IT Support Services. Karen is a prime example of a woman has been able to break through the glass ceiling and gain the title she has today. It is important for Meredith students to see Karen hold a prestigious position in the technology department to prove to students that they can succeed in a technology-related role.

When asked about the best part of her job, Karen responds “The STAT Team! Students are the best part of Meredith.” The STAT Team all agree that Technology Services would not be the same place without Karen! Meredith is lucky to have Karen be a role model to all student who aspire to work in the tech world.
Blog written by: Ashley Ricks

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