What is Bitmoji?

Do you want more interactive texting? Download Bitmoji for a new, creative way to communicate with friends and family! Bitmoji is a brand from the company Bitstrips, who were originally known for comic strips with a personalized cartoon avatar of yourself. In 2016, Snapchat bought the company and put their own spin on the cartoon.

How do you make a Bitmoji?

Bitmojis are very easy and fun to make! First, download the Bitmoji app on your smartphone device or with the Chrome web browser, but don’t worry it is free! You will be prompted to create an account, which you can sign up with your email or Snapchat account. Now the fun part begins: creating your Bitmoji.

You will be guided through several pages where you will customize your avatar. You get to decide their hairstyle, eye color, nose shape, and much more! If you change your mind you can always go back and make adjustments. Once you are finished creating your avatar, you will get to dress your avatar. You will find seasonal and themed outfits. Some outfits are only available during certain holidays and sporting events. There are tons of options to choose from, but some clothing packs cost $0.99. Keep an eye out for some of the outfits that have a charge.

Bitmoji is meant to be a fun, creative way to make texting and messaging more amusing. There are tons of stickers to choose from that refer to any occasion, emotion, or action conceivable. Download Bitmoji to make texting and snapchatting more entertaining!

Want to learn more about Bitmoji? Check out these links!



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