STAT Team Highlight: Melanie Cusick

Those who know Melanie Cusick recognize her contagious passion for computer science.  Currently, Melanie is a Senior at Meredith who is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Graphic Design. Melanie has been with the STAT Team for the past two years, and last year, she was promoted to Intern! During the summer of 2018, Melanie had an internship at Credit Suisse, where she was able to develop her Artificial Intelligence skills. Melanie’s computer science skills and hard work have landed her a full time job at Credit Suisse, where she will be part of the Technical Analyst Program.

One of Melanie’s  favorite part about working on the STAT Team is “the opportunity to learn. STAT team members learn about so much besides just technical stuff, like using Adobe Creative applications and social media management.” Melanie embodies the role of Intern by volunteering her time to help others on the STAT Team with graphic design and computer tips. The team’s social media has been enhanced, partly because of Melanie, has created an abundance of graphics to enhance the organization’s different pages.

When Melanie is not in class or working for the STAT Team, she is either playing computer games or working on her small photography business. Lately, you will catch Melanie working on her honors thesis. Her thesis topic consists of researching the negative trend of girls interested in STEM fields overtime, and how to combat this issue. Melanie will be presenting her honor thesis at Celebrating Student Achievement Day in a unique way.

As Melanie prepares for post-graduation, her advice to underclassmen is “to not be afraid of your teachers. Especially if you don’t understand something in class. They might just refer you to the learning center, but by expressing your concern to them directly, you’re already forging important relationships.” The STAT Team is sad to see Melanie graduate in May, but are grateful for her continued support and technological expertise.

Blog written by: Ashley Ricks

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