Tech Gadgets That Make Cooking Easier

Do you despise cooking? If so, you are not alone; according to a study done by Edward Yoon of the Harvard Business Review, nearly 90% of Americans hate to cook. Often, a home cooked meal can take hours to cook, and many families do not have the time nor the energy to cook when they come home after a long day at work. As a result, working families often opt to go out to eat for dinner, which can get costly. Luckily, there are unique tech gadgets that will make cooking faster and easier.

Digital Measuring Cup

Baking is an exact science, and if a measurement is off by just a little bit, your cookies may not be as good as they look on the box! The digital measuring cup will save you from baking catastrophes. The measuring cup is designed to measure the weight of the ingredients so you can get the most accurate results. Link to learn more:

digitial measuring ccup-wordpress

Digital Meat Thermometer

Often, it is hard to determine whether meat is fully cooked. Traditional meat thermometers can be hard to read, but the digital meat thermometer are much easier to decipher. Digital meat thermometers tell you the exact temperature of the meat, so families no longer need to play a guessing game, and will be eating safer meals. Link to learn more:

digital meat thermometer-wordpress

Hiku Shopping Button

There is nothing more aggravating than getting home to only realize you forgot to pick up an item at the store. Fortunately, the fridge magnet called Hiku serves as a shopping aid to prevent multiple trips to the same store. Hiku has the ability to scan bar codes and recognizes your voice to create its own shopping list. You can see the shopping list by looking at the Hiku app, making the shopping list always available at your fingertips. Link to learn more:

hiku fridge magnet-wordpress

Drop Recipe App

Cookbooks are great to have on hand, but the recipes in cookbooks tend to be complicated and require a lot of preparation. The Drop Recipe app is an app full of recipes that are designed to be easy and have little preparation. The best part about this tech gadget is it is free on the App Store! Link to learn more:

Drop Recipe App-wordpress


Blog written by: Ashley Ricks


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