Tips for Prolonging your Phone’s Battery

Do you notice your phone’s battery life is unreliable? If your phone tends to die at inconvenient times, it can be frustrating, and even unsafe! Fortunately, there are a few tips to prolong your phone’s battery life so you do not have to take your charger with you everywhere!

Lower the Screen’s Brightness

Your screen’s brightness negatively effects your phone’s battery. If you notice your phone battery percentage decreasing at a fast rate, lowering your screen brightness will keep your phone working for a longer time.

Exit Out of Open Apps

When you exit out of an app, the app is still running in the background because you have not completely closed out of it. Every type of phone has a different way of closing apps. If you have an iPhone, double click the home button, and the swipe up on the app pages. Click on this link to find out how to close apps on an Android:,news-21281.html

Avoid Charging Your Phone All Night

Most people charge their phone at night. Although charging your phone at night is most convenient, it damages your phone battery. Modern phones do not like their charge being drained completely to 0%, nor do they like to be charged until 100%. The online site Medium recommends plugging in your phone around 20%, and charging it to 90% in order to fully maximize your phone’s battery life.

Avoid Taking your Phone into Extreme Cold and Hot Weather

Taking your phone into extreme temperatures should be avoided at all costs. Not only do dangerous hot and cold temperatures drain your battery, but they can also cause damage to your phone internally. If you plan to ski or climb a volcano, it is best to plan to keep your phone inside to save its battery!


Blog written by: Ashley Ricks

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