Woman Crush Wednesday: Lauren Hickey


Lauren Hickey is a senior at Meredith College majoring Nutrition with a concentration in Food Service Management. She started working at Technology Services in April of 2017 as a student worker, soon being promoted to intern. Fall of 2019 Lauren will be the new Helpdesk Coordinator at Meredith College Technology Services. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren on her journey below:

1. What is your favorite part about technology services?

Meeting all of the different faculty and staff at Meredith that come through and learning more about what they do on campus. Working here has also made me comfortable working on different pieces of technology and exposing me to a whole new world that I was not used to. This department has provided me so many learning opportunities that I can apply to future careers.

2. What made you apply? 

The people. Everyone who I have worked with in Technology Services, from the staff to STAT Team, have been some of the best people I have worked with. Knowing that I would be working with a team that are going to be supportive of this transition from student to staff is amazing. The Meredith community is also so unique and holds a special place in my heart so the opportunity to work on this campus was a no brainer. Working in technology is a new environment for me but I am excited to learn and see where this will take me.

3. How will you carry what you have learned from your intern position to now a full time staff at Meredith?

This semester, some of the other STAT interns and I have been working to reamp all of the Technology Services social media and planning events to showcase Technology Services on top of helping employees and students with all of their troubleshooting needs. As I transition into this new position I will be shadowing different parts of Technology Services and learning more troubleshooting skills to  come up with ways for the STAT Team and Helpdesk better serve the Meredith community.

4. What are your future plans?

I think I have probably created 20 different future plans over the years but all of them revolve around food. As I complete my nutrition undergrad, I do hope to pursue a Masters in Nutrition and possibly going into the research or community nutrition field. I hope that during my time working at Meredith I will find ways to mesh my love for food and nutrition with the world of technology.

Blog Written by: Kenzie Mills

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