How has Technology Changed in 5 years?

Over the last two decades technology has become a greater part of our day-to-day lives. It has been evolving in ways that people in the year 2000 never thought possible. As millenials and the baby boomer generation say, we are “addicted” to our technological devices and apps. In one way or another our lives are surrounded by various types of gadgets and tech appliances, like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, whether it be in a positive or negative way. While communication between human beings has lessened, there are way more ways to communicate with each other via technological devices. Sending text-only messages has now become more interactive using gifs, memes, emojis, and bitmojis. Texting as a whole has shrunk, due to apps like SnapChat, Periscope, Facebook stories, Instagram Stories, and Twitter.

Remember only having the options to watch your favorite movies of Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube? Today there are many more video streaming options. These includes; Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google TV. Technology is constantly growing and despite many concerns on over-dependence and unemployment, if we use technology the right way it will provide greater advantages in the future. This can include clean energy, virtual reality, and education for all.

Blog written by STAT member: Michelle Castillo 

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