Save Time and Keep Track with Apps for iPhone and Android


Organization.jpgThere are plenty of ways you can keep track of your tasks. Whether it is writing a to-do list, using sticky notes, or downloading apps on your phone! Here are just a few apps for tip-top organization for iPhones and Androids.

Evernote: Not only does this free app help with note-taking, but you can also create files and edit them. When you’ve completed your documents, you can sync them and access your documents anywhere! organizes your tasks, to-do lists, and reminders. You can decorate your reminders and to-do lists with your favorite colors. This app features a calendar that will help you stay on schedule on the go. Sometimes your email can get cluttered with newsletters and discounts. makes it easy to unsubscribe to junk email, even when you have lost track of your subscriptions.  

Dropbox: Dropbox is a file syncing app that allows you to access your documents where ever you are. It also can back up photos and videos from your phone.

Blog post written by STAT member: Laniah Murriell 

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