Desktop Computer vs. Laptop

When deciding on whether to purchase a laptop computer or desktop computer there are a lot of things to consider. A few to consider are cost, portability, power usage, and screen size.

There are a wide variety of desktop computer component options. Depending on what you are looking for, the starting price for a computer and monitor is around $400 and goes up from there. Laptops have a fair amount of options available but are more limited than desktop options. Laptops can cost a decent amount more depending on the speed, storage, and brand desired. The cost can reach up to $1,500 or more depending on what options are desired.

Desktops are a more permanent option. Since the desktop computer is large in size there is little mobility if any at all. The monitor can easily be moved but not so much the computer itself. Laptops are the way to go if portability is what you desire. The compact size of laptops are for on-the-go and can easily fit in a backpack or bag.

Desktops tend to use more power than laptops. They power multiple components in the computer and the monitor. Any documents being worked on that have not been saved  can be lost from power outages because their main source of energy is from an outlet. Less energy input is required for laptops to work and they also have a battery. Since they have a battery, you are able to use them from practically anywhere with no worry of losing work due to a power outage.

Desktops monitors normally have a 19” screen while laptops have smaller screens ranging from 10” to 17”. However, both options can be hooked up to larger screens. They can be hooked up to a external display and can be viewed on almost any size projector, screen, tv, or monitor.

At the end of the day the decision needs to be made on which option works best for your lifestyle. If portability if what you are seeking, the laptop is you best bet but if you are looking for a cheaper option and portability is not a factor a desktop is the better option for you.

Blog written by STAT member: Paige Goodwin

Do you have a laptop or desktop? Comment below!

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