Are OtterBoxes Worth the Money?

Since cell phones have become more and more popular there have been a skyrocket of needs to protect phone as they have become lighter, thinner and contain most information we need to get through the day. Because we take our smart phone with us almost everywhere we go we need to be able to protect it from everyday mishaps.

The OtterBox was designed to protect and prevent smartphones or tablets from being dropped or scratched. OtterBox is the number one selling smart device case because of its claim that it is waterproof, scratch proof, crush proof, and your phone will bounce if it hits the ground. They range in size, colors, and thickness depending on your daily life and needs. Once you put this case on you can practically forget about your phone and not have to worry about it getting damaged.

OtterBox pricing starts around $40 and goes up from there. You will be paying more for this product because of all the features they have compared to a case at Walmart for $5. In the long run you’re paying a high price for a plastic phone case. It might not be the prettiest smartphone case in the world but it does its job and protects your phone. OtterBox continues to work on their case and have released prettier and thinner cases since their first creation that still provide the same protection.

It’s always good idea to buy a OtterBox from a licensed dealer because of the perks their company offers. If for whatever reason your case gets damaged you can file a claim and under warranty they will send you a new case; all you have to do is pay the shipping fee of around $5.

So, are OtterBoxes worth it? In the long run, yes. For the price you are paying you are paying to not only protect your case in daily endeavors but also your phone’s lifespan. Paying the higher price for this phone means not having to spend extra money on phone repairs and purchasing new one every so often. The proof is not only in the statistics but in the customers that continue to give it rave reviews and continue to purchase this product. So, if your smart device is something you can not function without this the case for you.

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