Ultimate Guide to Keyboard Commands

Do you ever get overwhelmed and stressed by your workload? Most likely, your answer is yes! The American Institute of Stress claims nearly 80 percent of Americans feel stress on the job. With so much work and stress in our lives, we all look to shortcuts to make our lives easier. One of the easiest shortcuts you can implement on the job is to use keyboard commands! Keyboard commands save you from having to do any extra steps with the mouse, which ultimately saves you time in the long-run. I have included the most popular keyboard commands below, with the first section focusing on Windows, and the second section focusing on Macs.

Keyboard Commands for Windows:

To cut Ctrl + X
To copy Ctrl + C
To Paste Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Highlight all items on page Ctrl + A
Find specific words on a page Ctrl + F
Open start Ctrl + Esc
Save document Ctrl + S
Lock your PC Windows logo key + L
Refresh your window F5
Stop the current task Esc
Show the password Alt + F8
Take a Screenshot of entire page Windows logo key + PrtScn


Keyboard Commands for Macs:

To copy Command + C
To cut Command + X
To paste Command + V
Undo Command + Z
Highlight all items on page Command + A
Open new tab Command + T
Find specific words on a page Command + F
Save the document Command + S
Print document Command + P
Minimize Window Command + M
Take a screenshot Shift + command + 4
Create a new folder in Finder Shift + command + N
Force quit an app Option + command + Esc


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