Tips to Make You a Pro at Microsoft Excel

Creating and Using Tables

          When working with large amounts of data, tables can give a nice visual layout and allow data to be added or deleted from without affecting any of the formulas that are created on the data.
          To convert data into a table, navigate the cursor somewhere within the data. Navigate to the Insert Tab and select the Table icon. Excel will show a Format As Table box confirming the data area to make into a table. Click OK to convert data into Table.
          If you need want to change the colors of your table, simply head over to the Design Tab within Table Tools. To the right side of the panel, you will see color options with a drop-down menu for more options.

table_create_choose (1)



Create a Graph

          Convert all of your Data into any graph of your choice. Highlight your data and then click Insert and move your cursor over to the middle of the menu option and you will see different graphs to convert your data to. From there you can go to Design to change colors and the look of your graph.

pasted image 0


Create a Timeline in Excel

          Add graphical representations of events or data to your Worksheet by adding in a timeline. Click on the Insert tab and click on SmartArt. You will be able to see the Choose a SmartArt Graphic gallery and click on Process and double click on the graphic of your choice. Click [Text] and then type/paste your text into the graphic.




Organize the Worksheet Tabs by Color

          Got a lot of pages and do not want to worry about clicking on every page? Color coordinate Worksheet pages to create a more organized Excel book.
          To change the color, right click on the worksheet tab of your choice and select Tab Color. There will be a whole list of colors and shades to choose from or you can pick a custom color by selecting More Color options.

image (1)



Protecting Parts of a Worksheet

          If you are sharing worksheets and do not want another user to edit your information you can lock the cells.
          Go to the Review Tab on the top of your screen and over to the right will be Protect Worksheet. By clicking this you can pick and choose what you want another user to use and edit the sheet. You can also add a password to the cells that way only people who have the password can unprotect the worksheet and then edit the document.




Excel Shortcuts from your Keyboard



Ctrl + N Open New Workbook
Ctrl + O Open Workbook
Ctrl + R Fill Right
F7 Spell Check
F12 Save As
Ctrl + 9 Minimize Window
Ctrl + 10 Maximize or Restore Window

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  1. Thanks for a very informative overview of these excel features. I use excel daily but have not taken time to explore the options featured here.

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