Apple Watch Vs. Fitbit: Which Is Right For You?

As warmer weather approaches, people will begin to go outside and work out more often. Since people are working out more often, it is smart to keep track of daily workouts. The newest trend for tracking activity is to purchase an activity tracker. The main reason people purchase either an Apple watch or Fitbit is that they often find themselves more active when their activity and workouts are being measured. The two most popular activity trackers are the Apple Watch and Fitbit, but it can be hard to decide which activity tracker is the right one for you.

Fitbit has More Products to Choose From

Fitbit has a surplus of activity trackers to choose from, whereas Apple only sales the Apple Watch. If you are not looking for an advanced fitness tracker, Fitbit offers activity trackers that measure basic activity measures, such as your steps and sleep patterns. Fitbit also has more advanced trackers that mirror the Apple Watches abilities, but the Apple Watch has more special features since it is a smartwatch.

Sleep tracking

If you are specifically looking for a sleep tracker, the Fitbit beats out the Apple Watch. The Fitbit comes with special hardware to track sleep, while you have to download an app to do so on the Apple Watch. Even though you can download sleep tracking apps on your phone, they are not as effective as the Fitbit sleep tracker.


Since Fitbit’ come in a variety of styles, they can range anywhere in price from $60 to $300. If you are looking for a cheaper activity tracker, a Fitbit is the best option for you. If you are looking for an activity tracker with advanced features, be prepared to spend about $300, no matter if it is a Fitbit or an Apple Watch.

Fitness Tracking

Since Fitbit come in a variety of styles, each Fitbit has a different set of features. The simplest Fitbit only comes with a step tracker, but the more advanced Fitbit can include a GPS, heart rate monitor, and even music storage. An Apple Watch includes a step tracker, heart rate monitor, and music storage, closely resembling the most advanced Fitbit.

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