5 Apps to Help Secure your Finances

If you feel like you never have the time, the resources, or advice to create and keep a budget, check out these FREE and easy apps below! Each app is personalized to your spending habits. Take control of your funds and download today!

1. BillGuard

While being known for budgeting, BillGuard also protects users cards from fraudulent charges. The first step is to sync the app with your bank accounts and then it shows the total balance along with how much you spend per month. The second step is to review every single transaction. You swipe right if you did make the purchase and swipe left if you did not. If you did not make a purchase the application will provide you options for reporting and contacting the merchant from where your card was used.

2. Wally

Wally gives the gift of a free personal tracker for your expenses. You manually take a picture of your receipts instead of inputting each dollar spent at the end of every day. This app provides insight on just where exactly your money is being spent.

3. Mint

Mint is combines creating a budget and tracking your spending all while giving tips on how to save. You have the option of connecting all your bank and credit card accounts, along with your monthly bills, cutting down on the time it takes to log into multiple sites. With options for reminders when bills are due, what you owe, and what you can afford to pay, this app gives users peace of mind.

4. Penny

Penny is a free personalized chatbot that can chat with you via text about your finances. After linking your accounts, the chatbot will send you information and alerts about how much you spent per day to what bills are approaching due. Answers can provide charts and graphs for easy comprehension. This app is clean while only providing data for what you specifically ask for.

5. Prism

Prism allows users to view account balances and corresponding bills all on one platform. Your bills can be paid either directly on the app or you have the choice to schedule them for payment at a later date. The scheduling option comes with alerts and payment confirmation notifications.


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