The Best Way to Extend the Life of a Laptop Battery

Short-term battery life

  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Use power saver mode
  • Disable Bluetooth, wi-fi, keyboard backlighting and other hardware devices
  • Minimize opened tabs in a web browser
  • Avoid running a lot of applications and opening photos at the same time.


Long-term battery life

  • Don’t use a laptop on battery power, if it’s not a must. It will eventually shorten a battery’s lifespan.
  • Put laptop into hibernation before the battery is totally drained – as well as during downtime when the laptop is not being used for a while.
  • Also, select hibernation instead of sleep when the laptop is not in use.
  • Letting a battery charge to 100 percent could wear the battery out more quickly. Modern devices are designed to stop charging at 100 percent and thus keeping them plugged in doesn’t impact the battery’s lifespan, but it’s still better to unplug when the laptop is fully charged.
  • If a laptop is not going to be used for an extended time, discharge or charge it to 50 percent before putting it away.
  • High temperatures can damage a laptop’s battery permanently, or reduce its useful lifespan. When laptop temperatures get high, shut the device down and take the battery out if possible. Give it a break so that it can cool down or move to someplace with a lower temperature. With laptops that have sealed batteries, shutting the machine down and letting it cool is highly recommended. Avoid placing laptop anywhere it might become hot. On the contrary, too much cold can also kill the battery permanently or reduce its lifespan.
  • If laptops have removable batteries, detach battery and give it a careful wipe with a soft cloth every few months – get rid of any dust, and make sure the contact points are especially clean.
  • keep it updated. The latest operating system and software could use significantly less battery power.
  • Don’t block the vents. Make sure that both vents that pull in cool air and those that expel hot air are able to do their jobs. Avoid restricting airflow. Get a lap desk, keep the back elevated a bit if the fans are on the bottom, and avoid crowding the sides or back.



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