Drive File Stream

     The current Google Drive desktop application, which allows users to sync files from your desktop to your online Google Drive, will officially be shutting down as of March 12, 2018, and it will be replaced by Drive File Stream. Google Drive as a service will still be available on the web and on smartphone apps for you to access and save your documents. The Drive File Stream will work similarly to the Google Drive desktop application, allowing you to quickly access all of your Google Drive files directly from your computer. The main differences in the new desktop application are that it will allow you to save more space on your hard drive, as all the documents will be saved in the cloud instead of your computer. It will also allow changes to documents to be saved automatically, and Google hopes that the new application will have a better user interface.


What is the “Cloud”?

     The cloud is simply an online storage system where files can be saved and accessed through the internet. Google Drive Stream puts the cloud to use by saving all documents onto this online storage instead of your computer, saving you space on your hard drive. It is important to remember that because these files will be stored in the cloud, they will not be available to you if you are offline. If you will need to access any files or documents while offline, you will need to make these files or documents available offline.


How to make your files accessible offline

  1. Right-click on a file or folder
  2. Select Available Offline under the Drive File Stream menu
  3. The file will then be stored on your computer and be available to you offline


Now that you are informed of this new change, go ahead and follow the steps below to download Drive File Stream onto your computer! If you have any additional questions please call the Helpdesk or come in and see us.


How to install Drive File Stream

  1. Go to (if you are not logged into your Google account you will not be able to access this page)
  2. Choose Download for Windows or Download for Mac
  3. Once downloaded, open DriveFileStream.exe (Windows) or DriveFileStream.dmg (Mac) and run the installation
  4. Log into the portal with your email address and password
  5. Select allow on the required permissions prompt

Once the installation is complete, a folder called Google Drive will appear in your files which will contain your Google Drive files and documents.

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