‘Tis The Final Season!

Happy LAST Monday of the semester, Angels!

This time of the year is usually the most stressful so this week’s blog is about bringing a boat full of smiles during this stressful time. Here’s a visual demonstration of how we expect to study versus how the reality sometimes turns out to be. (Note: We do not advise our readers to actually do what the reality says is done. We advise expectations to be fulfilled and we recommend an agenda, a healthy diet, strong study habits, and plenty of sleep during finals week!)

Expectation #1: I’ll come into the test prepared, with a balanced breakfast and a goodnight’s sleep. Maybe I’ll sleep at 10:30 pm or 11:00 pm.sleepypup.jpg

Reality #1: The fear of failing kept you up late so you wake up 15 minutes before the exam, with no time to spare.


Expectation #2: I’m going to study in the library! It’s so peaceful and I’ll be away from my bed so I won’t take a nap! I’ll study for four hours then head home.


Reality #2: There’s no room in the library. Your room becomes your last resort and you’ve already convinced yourself into napping before you step foot into your apartment/dorm.


Expectation #3: No Netflix. If I start a show, I will end up binge watching it. I’m going to focus, and I’m going to use my extra time to study more for my exams! I’ll write out when I have extra time on my agenda!timewisely.jpg

Reality #3: You’re having trouble with your chemistry homework and your mind is already in break mode. You’ve convinced yourself that there is no way you’ll do well on the exam so you resort to Netflix. One episode won’t hurt, right?


Expectation #4: I’m going to study with my friends! Studying in a group is so beneficial for me! I see no harm with studying for a final with my best friend. We can talk out the problems and explain the answer to one another.


Reality #4: 10 minutes in – “Omg, did you hear what Chad did to Stacey?” “No, what happened?”


Try your best to avoid distractions and focus on doing well this week. Finish this semester strong!