5 Apps that Help Students Save Money During the Holiday Season


Now that Thanksgiving  is over, stores have switched gears to celebrate the holiday season overnight. The holiday season is often viewed as a fun and relaxing time since the fall semester will soon be over and family members come to town, but this time of year can also drain your bank account. The holidays are considered to be a time of giving, which means you have to buy gifts for family and friends. Buying everyone gifts makes the season more merry, but it can quickly become expensive. Luckily, apps creators understand the importance of saving money and have created apps to help you budget during this expensive time of the year.


With the app, RetailMeNot, you never have to wonder if you left your coupons at home or in the car because now you can just look at your phone to scout the current deals. RetailMeNot provides coupons and deals from over 50,000 retailers. The app tells you the deals that are being offered at any of the retailers close to your current location. RetailMeNot makes you feel not so guilty for buying another bath bomb or holiday scented lotion since you do not have to pay full price!


Whether going on long trips to see family or running errands to prepare for the holidays, GasBuddy will become your new best friend because it saves money and time. You will never have to pay full price for gas again after getting this free app because it shows you where and when to buy gas. This app becomes very useful for road trips because it tells you where the closest and cheapest gas station is located, instead of driving around looking for the closest gas station in an unfamiliar area. 


Have you ever seen tweets with the hashtag #getstealz? If so, then you already know someone who has the Stealz app. Stealz is an app that incorporates the idea of the customer being the marketer and the use of VIP rewards. When a customer shops at a participating organization, they can receive rewards for posting about their visit on social media. The more points you acquire, the more freebies that are available to you from each participating business. Some popular businesses in the Triangle area that uses Stealz include Bojangles, Goodberry’s, Armadillo Grill, the Flying Saucer, and some many other businesses. An interesting fact about Stealz is that it was developed in the Triangle by four local entrepreneurs. Since the app was developed in Triangle, there are hundreds of participating stores located in the Raleigh area.


It is no secret that grocery shopping can get very pricey and be time consuming. Buying groceries during the holiday season is even worse since you have to buy more food than usual to cook a grand meal for family and friends, and the grocery is crowded with more shoppers than usual. Luckily the BigOven app makes grocery shopping more bearable and affordable at any time of the year, including November and December. BigOven provides recipes to spruce up those boring leftovers that no one wants to eat, which ends up saving you money in the process. The app also lets you create a grocery list, and it even organizes each product into their respective department, saving you time in the grocery store.


Groupon originally started as a website, but now the business has their own app. The Groupon app now makes it easier for users to find deals while on the go. Groupon can save users up to 70% on the goods and services everyone needs to buy, such as haircuts, workout classes, food, phone screen repair, and so much more.

App developers understand the financial struggles most everyone faces at one point in their lives, especially during the holidays, which is why they are created apps to help us save at least a little bit of money.

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