Should you update your phone?

Happy Monday Angels!

If you’re still on iOS 9, iOS 10, or a later version, you know exactly what I’m referring to when I say “frozen iPhone”, “not being able to open up an app”, or general “slow” phones.


Staying up to date with iOS will potential solve these problems! If you do not update your iPhone regularly, your iPhone will begin to deteriorate. The iPhone is made around compatibility. If an update is released and you are not up to date, your iPhone will begin to show problems since the apps on your iPhone will begin to update with the most recent iOS update, which you don’t have. With that being said, your apps are updating while your overall software is not so your phone will no longer be in sync.

I suggest waiting 1-2 weeks after the update is released to update your phone, since Apple is notorious for releasing bug fixes days after the official iOS release date. If your phone is too old to download the update, I’d suggest purchasing a newer version of your iPhone. The reason why you should buy a new iPhone when you aren’t able to update to newer versions of iOS is simply because even if your phone does not show any problems now, it will soon do so and we all know how important our phones                                                                are in our everyday lives.



You can update your phone by going into your general settings and clicking on software update.  A screen like the one shown on the right should pop up. Once this prompt is shown, click on Download and Install! The process will take around 15 – 20 minutes.

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