5 Apps That are Useful for Any College Student

The month of October is tough for any college student, especially for Meredith students. October at Meredith entails midterms, Cornhuskin’ practice, presentations, and projects. Sometimes it seems overwhelming trying to juggle, classes, extracurricular activities, and midterms, but fortunately there are apps students can get to help them stay on top of schoolwork and activities.All of the listed apps listed are free to help! The top 5 apps for college students are:

1) Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an app designed to keep your life in sync. The app allows the user to create a to-do list for himself or herself, but what separates this app from other to-do lists is the option to invite others to collaborate on different projects. Wunderlist also allows users to set reminders, create folders, print lists, and set due dates. Wunderlist helps students get organized in a fun and interactive way.

2) Quizlet

The ultimate goal of Quizlet is to help students master the subject they are taking in school. Quizlet is known for its flashcard services, but most students do not know about the other services available to them. Quizlet offers a new service called Quizlet Learn, which is a study plan created by Quizlet to help students master the material before the test. Quizlet also has a feature that lets users make their own diagrams to study and look at diagrams other students have created.

3) Duolingo

For students who are taking a foreign language, Duolingo makes learning another language a breeze. Duolingo is the world’s top choice for studying another language due to the effective strategies the app incorporates. Practicing with Duolingo will enhance your ability to comprehend the professor’s lectures.

4) Venmo

As cash is starting to become a thing of the past, it is harder to find a college student who readily carries around cash at all times. There will be times you need to pay back a friend, but it is hard to pay back friends with no cash on hand. This is especially true when Meredith is selling Cornhuskin’ packages and t-shirts that you just have to buy. The app, Venmo, has a solution for never having cash. Venmo lets you transfer money from your account to a friend’s account. The app even helps out lenders by requesting their debtor to pay them back, which takes away the awkward in person conversation over who owes what.

5) Mint

Mint is a financial resource app that helps you keep track of your spending habits. Mint lets you look at all of your banking accounts on-the-go and even reminds you when payments are about to be due. College students tend to have a hard time keeping their finances in order, but Mint can help keep track of spending to help keep students on a budget.


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