Exam Tech Check

Happy Monday Angels!

Congratulations on making it to the last Monday classes of the semester. Now it’s time to prepare for finals! Already started studying? Awesome, but now you need to be technologically prepared.

Image result for charged computer1. Charged computer

There is nothing worse than forgetting to charge your laptop for an exam that needs to be taken on a computer. Until it becomes a habit, I would set a reminder on your phone or computer to charge.

2. Update softwareImage result for software update

Well, actually this might be the worst thing to occur. Taking a timely final on your computer and then it stopping to update would not be ideal. Again, I would advise the night before to go into your computer’s settings to seek any updates that might need to take place.

3. Close out any pop-ups

If you need to use a testing application to access your test, I would advise closing out of websites or other applications that might result in pop-up notifications. These notifications can result in your testing application signaling you’re clicking off or out of the application.

4. Just breathe

This isn’t tech advice, but it’s just as important. Have faith in yourself and the technology devices you rely on. You’ve already come this far, don’t let doubt hold you back!


What other tech tips do you use? Let us know in the comments!






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