Helpful Apps for Writing

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As the semester is coming to a close, there are more deadlines for papers that are due. I understand the struggle of improper grammar, spelling, and no structure. Luckily for you, we have done research on apps on mobile devices to help with your writing problems.  And yes, by mobile devices we mean iOS, Android, and online programs.


  1. Evernote

We have mentioned this app and website before in a previous blog post, but it’s still our top recommended for educational use. It allows you to organize your paper by making lists that can be shared with other people (group members) . Not only can you share lists, but notes in general. Another upgraded option is scanning that can be done very simple.

Used on: iOS, Android, and online

Get it here:

imgres.png2. Elements

On Elements, you can write and edits notes right on your iPhone or iPad. It offers autosaving and a dropbox for offline support. Other neat features include a word count, printing support, and able to email files as an attachment.

Used on: iOS devices

Get it here:

3. TED videos

I know TEDxTalks are very relevant in the daily lives of college students. TED videos are inspirational and can give you ideas or things to add to your paper(s). They’re free and easy to access either on their site or on Youtube.

Used on: all devices

Get it here:

4. Springpad

This app is similar to Google Docs, but you can share links, photos, notes, and even locations. It offers free sharing, syncing, and sharing. Offers simple and easy organization for your notes that you can make public. Also, it offers a way to search other’s notes on whatever topic so it can inspire you.

Used on: iOS, PC, and Android

Get it here:

What apps do you use for school papers? Also, have you tried any of these apps? Let us know in the comments!


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