5 Tips to Get You Through the Year at Meredith College

Whether you are a freshman or a returning Angel, reading new tips on how to survive college is always helpful. Meredith College offers a unique educational experience and a closely-knit community. Many students here may find that tips written by other students at different colleges do not apply to them. Here are some quick and easy tips that are personalized to a Meredith College Angel.

  1. Take advantage of all of the services offered. Meredith has both online and on-campus resources such as the Technology Services Help Desk, which offers assistance with resetting passwords, fixing school laptops and printers, and much more. Meredith also has a copy center, tutoring center, and health center. These are some of the best resources to go to on campus among many others.
  2. Get involved. Meredith College offers many clubs and social activities for students   and it is very easy to join. Participating in events and traditions is one of the best things a student at Meredith can do and is what makes the experience unique and memorable. Getting involved on campus will lead to a much more successful and enjoyable college experience and will give you memories that last a lifetime.
  3. Take advantage of office hours. Professors at Meredith have set times of the day in which they are available in their office to assist students with any questions or concerns they may have. This is a very valuable tool because it will get you the help you need immediately. Office hours can be found on class syllabi.
  4. Go to campus lectures and cultural events. Many different speakers have come to Meredith to tell their story or what they have learned. These speakers are often very insightful and can give excellent information on different areas of study. For example, a former female FBI agent spoke in Jones Auditorium about her time in the service. If you are studying criminology or not, this lecture was very interesting, and it was empowering to see a woman in this type of career. Going to cultural events is extremely important; in order to graduate. Meredith students have to turn in eight academic or cultural event to the registrar and it is a requirement to complete all of these before graduation.
  5. Study smart. While you may want to study in your cozy dorm room with your friends, this is not always the most beneficial method. There are many distractions in dorm room that can keep you from studying. Meredith College’s Carlyle Campbell Library has many different study rooms and technological resources that are open to students. It is a quiet place to study and get work done.

Meredith College is one of the best educational institutions in the country and offers a unique educational and social experience. A Meredith degree is a great honor and will reward students in many ways. The memories made here are strong enough to last a lifetime.



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