The 5 Best Messaging Apps

Happy Wednesday Angels!

Messaging apps have been popping up left and right over the past few years as mobile chatting with our friends and family continues to rise in popularity.  They provide a variety of services from texting, calling, and even sending money to those all the way across the world. Messaging apps have developed to become even more interactive and convenient, and there are some that shine more than others.  Here are some of the best messaging apps available on both Android and iOS as well as some others that deserve an honorable mention.



WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps worldwide.  It provides messaging services as well as sending and editing photos, video, and documents to other users.  WhatsApp also provides crystal clear voice calling to nearly anywhere in the world, however it doesn’t not have live video chatting. It is free and available on Android and iOS platforms with phone calling capabilities.

Facebook Messenger


Facebook has created its own messaging app that makes talking to your Facebook friends much easier.  Since its creation Facebook Messenger has had many features added to it aside from the standard photo and video sharing.  This app provides the ability to call friends, play games with them, or even send money as well. It also comes with a plethora of free stickers and gifs to perfectly express your message. It is free and available on Android and iOS platforms.


One of the most known programs for both PC and mobile devices, Skype allows you to send text messages and voice chat with anyone on your contact list.  Video calling and conference calls are also provided.  Skype is mostly free, however there are special features you can pay for such as video conference calls and conference screen sharing.  It is available on Android and iOS platforms.



Incredibly popular in Asia, Line is a messaging app that allows you to text, call, and sharing photos and videos. One unique feature is that it allows you to create photo albums that you can share with your friends! It also allows for enormous group chats and acts as more of a social media platform for chatting.  Line also provides cute emojis and stickers to liven up your conversations. It is free and available on Android and iOS platforms.



Another popular app, Viber allows all the basic amenities of a messaging app like text, sharing photos and videos.  It also adds your contacts to your app and has a special feature called Viber Out that allows you to call those without the Viber app and landlines as well.  Like Line, it also has a plethora of cute emojis and stickers that are provided for free.  It is free and available on Android and iOS platforms.

Here are some other noteworthy messaging apps that are worth it to check out! All of these are available on Android and iOS platforms.

  • WeChat
  • KakaoTalk
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Allo
  • Signal

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