4 Best Job Finding Sites for College Students

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday Angels!

April is here, and that means summer jobs and internships are right around the corner. Searching for jobs can be difficult, and without the right tools it’s nearly impossible. Do not fret, here are some of the top sites to help ease the stress of job searching and help you prepare for that job you really want!

1. LinkedIn

Ranked as the number one resource hiring managers turn to when seeking out potential new hires, LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable tool for students and graduates looking for a way to bring home the bacon.  As a play on Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to upload a profile picture and essentially create your professional profile. This profile acts as your resume to potential employers who proactively seek out students and grads to contact for job opportunities.  It is easy to use and, when managed properly, will be your best source for finding jobs and internships right out of college.

2. Indeed

Indeed serves as a mass search engine for all kinds of jobs, making narrowing down your options much easier. With user-friendly filters and the technology to pull job listings directly from employer sites, finding a specific job has never been more simple.  Moreover, it presents ratings and reviews of the company from customers and employees to enable you to get a realistic perspective on how the company works.  Another unique feature is that you can upload your resume directly to Indeed, placing it in a database to allow any employer to look it up and contact you for a job opportunity that fits your skills.

3. GlassDoor

GlassDoor is an invaluable resource when looking up jobs and internships.  It not only shares salary information and job information but also gives you a look at what life is like inside the companies with employee-driven reviews of the company.  These reviews are more than important when it comes to making sure the company is the right fit for you as much as you are for the company. GlassDoor also provides actual interview questions and information about company benefits so you can be ready and prepared.

4. Internships.com

Exactly as advertised, Internships.com hosts over 100,000 internship opportunities all over the country in several different areas. It is an easy to use search engine that includes Facebook sharing and the ability to see which of your Facebook friends may already be connected to a company you want to intern for.  Internships.com also has a mobile app for job searching on the go!

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