Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

Happy Monday Angels,

So a few months ago Instagram launched its ability to share stories (videos and pictures) for followers to view up to 24 hours. Hmm, this sounds familiar to another social media app we know. It is almost like the main feature for Snapchat! Snapchat stories have been around since October 2013 so I would say that Instagram is a little late jumping on the bandwagon. These two social media platforms are huge competitors with picture and video sharing, but which one has the best outlet to share stories?

The Differences

The ability to post a story on Instagram has been available since August 2016. With the addition of this, the app has reached up to 100 million users daily. It might seem the same with the filters, the ability to private message, and to see who viewed your story. BUT there are some differences that might have you rethinking where you want to post the swarm of puppies you just saw.

  1. Unlike Snapchat the option to view stories is on the main page. Which means you would be more likely to direct traffic to your story.
  2. Followers don’t have to view your story.
  3. You can’t see who screenshot your Instagram story.
  4. Your whole story can’t be saved.
  5. The top stories that show up are who you interact with most on Instagram, but not in chronological order.
  6. You can pause the slideshow on the story by pressing the image.

Bottom Line

Snapchat offers more features to customize your story, but Instagram offers more ability for viewers to see your story. Even if you can’t decide which app is better, there is no harm in double posting!

Which app do you prefer to post your story on? Let us know in the comments!

Happy posting,

Hi-Tech Halos



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