Backup Your Files!

backup-three-laptops-plugged-into-wordHappy Wednesday Angels! Spring break is just around the corner and with it a break from constant assignments and homework.  When returning from a break, you would expect your files to be safe and sound on your computer hard drive however there is always a chance that something could go wrong. From files corrupting to your computer unexpectedly quitting on you, there is bound to be devastation if you haven’t backed up those files somewhere safe.

Why is backing up files so important?

There are so many reasons to back up your files, but the first and foremost would be for simple recovery.  This means that just in case you forget to save a file or if a file accidentally gets deleted, you can simply find the backup file and avoid a moment of stress and panic. This is especially helpful for important documents or papers that you’ve worked long hours on and cannot rewrite in the span of 30 minutes when you go to print.

How do I backup my files?

Backing up files can be as simple as saving another copy in another location, either on a flash drive, external hard drive, or via cloud. Of course there are other ways of backing up your entire computer, which depending on your operating system is also fairly simple.

  • For Windows Computers – Under the Start menu, go to System and Maintenance and then select Backup and Restore.  This is also where you can go to restore your lost files if need be
  • For Macs – For this it is highly recommended you get an external hard drive in order to have a location to backup to. You would select that external hard drive click use as a backup disk.  From then you go to your Apple menu to System Preferences and then select Time Machine.  Time Machine has instructions that will help you through the rest of the process.

Sounds easy!

In truth, it is very easy and a great way to avoid the unneeded stress of losing a file. Just make sure to remember where you put the files and you’re good to go!  For suggestions on great external hard drives you can visit our previous blog post on the top 3 external hard drives you can get in order to backup or simple just give yourself more space on your computer.

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