5 Ways Technology Can Help You Be Productive

Hi Angels,

Are you suffering with the mid-semester slump? Have no fear! I have FIVE ways the technology you use daily can keep you on track. Theses apps and tips will give you the tools to stay motivated to get through the semester.

1. Remember The Milk

Writing things to get done in your to-do list not working? Try the Remember The Milk app! Instead of forgetting what you had written down to complete, this app can send reminders to your phone and any other device you use.  The app offers features like syncing with your Gmail and Google Calendar so you will be kept up to date on your emails and events. Also, this app is FREE for iOS and Android!

Sign up  for Remember The Milk app here.


2. Quit Social Media Cold Turkey

We don’t mean completely be done with social media all together, only when you need to get things done for class! The Mac app Cold Turkey allows you to customize what websites you want to block on your device for however long you want. Another neat feature about this app is that you can make a schedule for when you want your sites blocked! Now you will have no more distractions and more motivation.

Download Cold Turkey for Mac here.



3. Sleep is KEY

Having trouble completing your assignments from being exhausted? You might be exposing yourself to too much blue light from your electronics before bed. The blue light that comes from almost ever device with a screen messes with your natural circadian rhythm in the brain. A way for that to not mess with your sleep schedule is to have a slight red color added to your screen. An app that can help with that is the Twilight app. It’s a Google app that allows you to choose when you want it on and the intensity/brightness of the red to filter onto your screen.

Download the Twilight app here.



4. Clubs and Organizations 

From my research the perfect app when apart of a club or organization is Evernote! This app and website has the options to add different notebooks and lists that you can tag other members with that have it too. This app also allows you to use your camera on your phone to add to your notes! The best part is its FREE. There are options for upgrade on the app Evernote Plus ($4 monthly, $35 annually) and Evernote Premium ($8 monthly, $70 annually). These upgrades can let you access your notes offline and write on PDFs.

Want Evernote at your next club meeting? Sign up here

Psst! If you’re not a fan of Evernote, Google Keep (free) is a good alternative.



5. Don’t Be a Pro in Procrastination

No matter how motivated we are, we are all good at pushing things off. I found a way to aid this bad habit! It is the app OmniFocus2 for iOS. This app can manage your life with well organized to-do lists. The regular version for the app includes sections for different projects, subfolders, and location-based reminders. Pricing for the regular app is $40, you can also get the pro version for $60. The upgrade to the pro versions of OmniFocus2 is keyboard shortcuts, attaching files, and more.

To download OmniFocus2 click here.



These are a few of our favorite apps and tips to stay productive! We want to know what YOU think. Have you tried any of these apps before? Let us know in the comments!

Stay productive,

Hi-Tech Halos

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