Mac Tips and Tricks

Hey Angels!

Many of us have Mac computers and laptops and it is sometimes difficult to figure out how to do simple tasks that may be done differently on a PC or even a cell phone. Here are some quick tricks when using a Mac!

1. Copy and Paste

This function is simple but isn’t always the easiest to figure out on a Mac. To copy, just press the Control button in the lower left corner of the keyboard while clicking on whatever you want to copy. A drop-down menu will pop up giving you many options. To paste, just do the same process but click “paste”.

2. Split Screens

One of the best tricks you can do while using any computer is to use a split screen. This will allow you to see two or more pages at one time. To do this, hold down the left-click button on the green maximize button. This will allow you to move each page to whatever location on the computer screen you want. This tip is great for multitasking!

3. Lost Cursor Mouse

Have you ever experienced a moment of panic when you lose sight of your cursor on your laptop or computer screen? Fear no more; there is an easy solution to get your mouse back. Simply shake your mouse or quickly move your finger on your mousepad and the cursor will enlarge, making it easy for you to find, it.

4. Taking a Screenshot

To take a screenshot of an entire screen, press Command + Shift + 3. To screenshot a portion of a screen, press Command + Shift + 4. This will allow you to change the size of the screenshot.

5. Forgotten Words

Sometimes it is easy to have a word you want to search in mind, but can’t remember what it is. A great tool to help you find the right word is pressing Fn + F5 as you type something into the search bar. This will come up with a list of words starting with the first letter you typed.

Macs can be confusing and frustrating to use in some cases, but there are always easy tips and tricks to help you use your device efficiently. These tips may come in handy as your semester starts to pick up!



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