When You Should Post on Social Media

Hi Angels,

Want to get the most likes, retweets, or shares? Well there are certain days and time of day that the most people will be on social media. In fact, each app and/or social media site has specific times of the day that get the most traffic of users. According to the Internet Marketing Guy’s blog post I’ll link  here, there are more details on tips for social media posting per site. For right now, I’m going to break down the best times of posting:


Want to update that old profile picture or share the blast of a time you had this weekend?The best posting time for this site during the weekdays from 6AM-8AM and at 2PM-5PM.


Apparently no one likes to tweet on the  weekdays. You can get the most retweets, favorites or replies during the weekends at 1PM-3PM.

Google Plus

This site is great for business sharing, so the peak times to share or link a blog in (like this one, wink wink) is everyday from 9AM-11AM.


I think the most commonly question I hear among my friends is “should I post this picture on the gram?” And the answer is yes, but only during Tuesday-Thursday from 6PM-8PM. You’ll thank me later for the more views and/or likes you will receive.


This job connection site is great for businesses and corporations looking to hire people. Apparently the most business professionals will be on this site during Tuesday-Thursday from 7AM-9AM and 5PM-8PM.


Already pinning for your future life? Well it appears that people are on Pinterest the most on Saturday’s at 2PM-4PM and from then 8PM-11PM. These times will be the best to promote your website or your blog.

Blog Site

Have a blog? You can get the most views if you publish your work on Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 11AM. Once posted you can then share it on other social media platforms during their peak times of views.


What is your favorite social media site? Let us know in the comments!


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