4 Reasons to Destress at Your Desk

Hi Angels,

Not enough time for your exercise routine? Are classes already stressing you out? Lucky for you, desk yoga is the new trending exercise that doesn’t make you leave your study area. These are the top 4 reasons yoga will benefit you and your studies:

1. Release the tension!

Stretching out could help relieve tension and promote a healthy mindset while studying or completing classwork. I don’t know about you, but I always have the best study session when I feel positive and physically not stiff. 

2. Mindfulness can go farther than just knowledge

Not only will yoga benefit you with your studies, but it can help with your body image and mindfully eating. According to Harvard Health Publications, stretching/doing yoga makes you aware of your body’s physical abilities.

3. Confidence is key

Surveys have also shown that people were more satisfied with their bodies, being body positive promotes self-esteem and confidence within yourself. Having self-assurance prior to being a big exam is crucial, stretch it out!

4. The health bonus

Not only do you get the physical benefits, but you get the mental relief while completing assignments. Stated by the NHIS, yoga can “maintain their health and well-being, improve physical fitness, relieve stress, and enhance the quality of life”.

Overall, yoga basically aids your mental clarity and focus while easing your worries. Even if yoga isn’t for you, calmly breathing and stretching sitting or standing will help. I’ve attached below desk stretches that are perfect for a time sensitive student!

What is your favorite study tips? Comment down below!





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