Using Technology with Your On-Campus Organization

With all the student-led organizations running amok on campus, finding new ways to stand out is becoming increasing difficult. Am I right? Well, the best way to push your organization to the top of the visibility mountain is to use technology to your advantage! Here are 4 ways to use technology to benefit your on-campus organizations:


Social Media:

Social media is the number one way to keep your members updated at all times of what is going on in your organization. Thanks to the availability of the internet and the widespread use of all sorts of social media accounts (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook among others), it only takes a few minutes to immediately disperse information to a big group of peers. Not only that, but most social media accounts have features that allow others to engage with your posts via comments, likes/favorites, and tags. Furthermore, you can reach an even bigger audience than just your local followers/friends by using tags and discussing trending topics. If you use it properly, social media can become one of your greatest assets; however, make sure that you’re not bothering your users with excessive amounts of posts or posting superfluous messages (social media is best used for quick, to the point posts).



Email, a classic of the communication technology world, is another excellent way to keep your members updated with news and upcoming events! The great thing about email is that you can also reach a large audience like with social media, but you do not have to worry about keeping the communication brief. If you have a lengthy announcement or a series of notices, email is the perfect way to send it all in one go.


Adobe Products and Design Websites:

What’s the best of both worlds? It is using technology to improve something that you’re going to physically post around campus! By using Adobe Products like Illustrator or Designing Websites like Canva, you can spice up any flyer that you are going to place around campus, so that it will be sure to catch the eye of anyone walking by it. Being truly tech smart is using technology to reach people even without using high-tech communication.


Google Apps:

Google has become one of the best assets that an organization can use to keep information and documents in one place that is also readily accessible by a big group of people. Google apps, which include Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides, can be used independently or all together to help organize and keep record of your organization’s operations.
So remember, using technology properly will boost your on-campus organization!

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