The Opinions of Art and Technology

To live in this society, it means that most people have access to internet thus to social media. Millions of people post to their social media about everything, however, what about artists? Well from my experience and research, many artists today have online portfolios or some way of showing their artistic skills via internet. One of the most popular ways of getting people to view your work is through instagram. Two schools that have an instagram would be Pendland School of Crafts (@penlandschool) and MC Art Department (@meredithcollegeartdept). Not just schools use instagram but individual artists as well such as the sculptor @malarko, the drawer @lawyartist, the dollmaker @andreja, or the company @mrkatedotcom.

However, aside from these lavishing and beautiful instagram accounts, another way that artists are sharing their work is through DevianART; a website designed specifically for artists to share and post their work while gaining helpful criticism, help, and insight. Through DevianART artists are also able to create a simple online portfolio for them to share to anyone. Because of this, many enjoy the free account of DevianART. One particular artists who gained huge amounts of attention would be Wenqing Yan or better known as @yuumeiart. This artists art is known for this vibrance colors, the dimensional use of space, and her newest creation the Axent Wear, a pair of gaming cat headphones that allows the user to connect with others via online-gaming or to share their music out loud. This beautiful pair of headphones has always started within her artwork however, through Kickstarter and the help of millions who has seen her artwork ,she was able to bring her creation to life.

Despite this amazing show of how the internet/social media has changed many of the artists view on sharing, there are still a few out there who do not have a website or any social media account. Many of those who do not have these things (social media account or a website) do it out of fear, there are many scammers and stealers that will take another user’s artwork and pretend to be them. These user’s will also sometimes make profit off of anther’s work. Because of social media/internet it is easier to steal someones work and share it as if it is your own.

On a lighter note those, because of the internet and social media, artist have have access to other’s opinions on different matters. This is most notable on TEDtalks where they invite an important member of the social group to talk about issues. Through these talks one can gain both opinions on the matter and see the education/research that is put into the talk. There is a list of a few TEDtalks that have sparked debate and interest within the art world.

Is Doodling good or bad?:

To Think like an Artist?:

The Story of Painting?:

To Build Creative Confidence?:

Art Inside Out?:


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