Technology Hacks to Make Life Easier

Have you ever looked for an easier way to complete a task?  There are simple tricks to solve these problems – you just don’t know about them! These technology hacks will make you efficient, productive, and secured. They will also lessen your stress over something simple. Here are a few tricks you can apply on a daily basis to make your life way easier!

  • If you’re working on a college paper or assignment, avoid using and instead use to filter articles and information from unreliable sources. To further strengthen your search, add “PDF” and find downloadable copies you can use.
  • Right-click on the mouse doesn’t work the same way on a Mac. If you ever find yourself stuck in this situation, simply hit Ctrl + Click.
  • When you’re writing a paper or working on a homework on Microsoft Word and you want to change the case (upper vs. lower), highlight the phrase, then hit Shift + F3. It will change it to lowercase, then first letter capitalized, and finally all in uppercase.
  • You have to run out of the house in a few minutes, but you notice your battery is dying; charge your phone faster by putting it on Airplane Mode and speed up the process.
  • If your phone is frozen and you want to quickly unfreeze it, plug it into its charger and it’ll get back to normal.
  • If you have an iPhone and someone asks you to make a call, you can use Siri from the lock screen to do that. In that way the person cannot access any other app on your phone.

Apply these shortcuts and notice how they can save you time throughout your day. Share this with your friends and add other useful hacks that you know on the comment section below.

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