The World of 3D Printing

The day that 3D printing is a normal part of our everyday lives does not seem that far into the future. Desktop 3D printers are actually available to the public to buy and have in their homes; of course, they’re sold at a pretty steep price, but the option is there! The idea may seem crazy now, but soon we will be wondering how we ever got along without it!

3D printing still seems like a foreign concept to the general public, but it is something that everyone should become familiar with.

So what exactly is 3d printing? Well, the name says it all. To break it down into the simplest form, a machine lays out material layer by layer, building onto each layer, in order to form an object. The materials used could be nylon, stainless steal, ceramic, gold, silver, plastic; the list goes on and on.

So now that you understand the concept and know that there are many materials that can be used, your mind is probably bubbling with ideas of what could be made. That is the exciting part of 3D printing; the list of objects that could be made are almost endless with the right technology and resources. People everyday are coming up with new innovations to better our society at a large using 3D printing.

One industry where technology is becoming a major tool is in health care. For example, people have come up with the idea of a 3D printed cast. For as long as we have been alive casts for broken bones have always been the same, and if you ever were unfortunate enough to have to get one then you know how miserable they are. So with the help of the 3D printer, people are coming up with a cast that is breathable, less itchy, and most importantly, gets the job done faster.

3D printing can be put to use not only in numerous aspects of health care, but also in the fields of engineering, aerospace, architecture, the arts, fashion, automotive production, and even the food industry. The possibilities of what could be done with 3D printing seem endless, so what will we come up with next?

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