Tips for Saving Battery Life

Is your phone battery not lasting as long as you want it to? Do you find yourself plugging your phone into the charger many times throughout the day? The solution to excessive battery drainage can be quite simple, it can be easily resolved by following these quick tips:

  1. Adjust your Screen 

    Odds are you never seem to notice just how bright your phone screen is. Try adjusting the brightness level to a lower setting when you’re in dim areas, such as when you’re laying in bed at night.

  2. Close and Delete Apps

    When you’re done using an application you should manually close the app so it doesn’t use any background activity battery. Delete apps that you never seem to use at all, this will not only help with battery but also with storage.

  3. Update Software

    Many of us ignore the pop-up update phone notifications, next time one pops up go ahead and click update. Typically, software updates for devices include improvements for all around battery life.

  4. Turn down the Volume

    Are you using audio on your phone frequently? Try turning down the volume just a tiny bit when listening to music, talking on the phone, or when using a blue tooth device.

  5.  Cool It

    Using your device in warmer weather can cause internal damage and drastically effect battery life. Stay away from using your phone on the beach or by the pool. Never leave your device sitting out directly under the sun, you may get more problems than just a drained battery.



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