Art and Technology Helping Others!

Do you ever wonder what else can art do? I mean we use it just about everyday and without it we wouldn’t have even half the things we have today. So what else can art do?
Well I am here today to say that art and technology can do so much more then you think. With the help of technology such as photoshop, sharing posts, and spreading the new we can began something!

One artist who is well known for using his photography and technology to bring attention to some startling things within our world is Chris Jordan. Chris Jordan is an artist who brings the invisible to visible through art, this can be seen with his work called “Intolerable Beauty” which brings highlights to some very startling statistics about what we do everyday. One example of this would be the amount of soda cans we consume everyday or how many cell phones we throw out. An interview about this can be found through this link:
Christ Jordan has also done more pieces of art work that brings attention to the eye. One of his most recent pieces is called “Midway”, a disturbing yet depressing film/photographs that illustrates the devastation that humans have on the eco system. You can read The Washington Post interview through this link:
If you want to look into more art work by him check out his website:

Aside from famous artists who’s life passion is to bring attention to subjects by using both art and technology, students are learning this as well in classroom settings. One way students are learning process this is through volunteering. By volunteering one gets to see the other side of things such as in animal shelters where you might see a owner cry upon surrendering their beloved pet because they have no home to people who just throw animals out of their car and drive away. By being exposed to such actions and ideas at a young age, we can start changing the world. One of the most prominent ways of changing such things is by taking photos of animals up for adopting and sharing them via social internet. This can be seen on this blog:

I am sure there are other examples and many other ways of how technology and art go hand in hand to help others but this is one of the newest ways, and one of the ways to also teach a younger generation as well.


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