Midterms? Challenge Accepted!

With fall break around the corner that can only mean one thing: Midterms. The drastic few days where professors check to see if you’ve actually been paying attention for the first half of the class. Could they be stressful? Possibly! By not properly preparing yourself, you could receive some pretty low grades. Follow these tips to help ease the stress:

Tip #1: Study 

Start by reviewing past homework, quizzes, and tests. By reviewing graded work, you can reabsorb the material that most likely will be on the exam. If you’re the type of person to study around a group of people, suggest forming a study group with other classmates. If you’re the type to work alone, find a quiet place like the library or parlor to sit down and study!

Tip #2: Take advantage of resources

If you have any questions or concerns on what could be on the exam, don’t be afraid to ask your professor questions. Most, if not all professors have set aside office hours just for students to schedule appointments if need be. Your professor is the one creating the exam, why not take advantage and ask a few questions?

Tip #3: Relax and stay positive

Whether you’re going to bed early or not going out on the weekends leading up to midterms, every little bit of effort helps. Prioritize your time to spend your attention on the tasks at hand.



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