Taking TV Resolution to a New Level


With four times the resolution of traditional HD displays, 4K means a clearer picture by creating more pixels on the screen at once, making images crisper and capable of showing more details than standard HD. Ultra-high-definition or 4K televisions are on the high rise, with all the major manufacturers now in full-blown push mode on the higher resolution panels.

Display size is more powerful than any resolution jump could ever hope to be. The ability to get up close to the screen without the image breaking down is one of the most exciting things about 4K. The up-close factor is one of the reasons 4K computer monitors have become one of the technology’s fastest growing sectors. 4K monitors remain pin-sharp even when you’re just a foot or two from the screen, as you are when you’re sitting at your desk.


A 4K display reveals so much more nuance and detail – the difference can be astonishing. While 3D has proved to be a stylish diversion, 4K comes with higher resolution images that are simply better.

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