Art and Technology, Oh My!

In the beginning of art towards the Renaissance era and back, no artist thought of using technology to create art. Many artists relied on the traditional technique (oil painting, drawing, sculpting, and architecture) that were pasted down from teacher to student. This outlook on art continued until the invention of the press came along. Now artists everywhere were invested in looking into how they could combine art and technology together. One of the most newest techniques out there is digital imaging.

Digital imaging is literally where the images are creating digitally using programs such as Photoshop to a simple scanner. Although the imagines do not have to be photographic they are still telling an important story. A example of non-photographic images would be a montage or a collage. A seamless (another category) would be more photographic.
Here is a list of some famous artists withing the digital imaging world:

  • Susan Harbage-Page
  • Maitha Demithan
  • Tom Chambers
  • Chris Jordan
  • Simen Johan
  • Jill Greenberg

Although this is just a short list of some amazing artists there are still plenty more artists that are exploring this new field where technology and art combined together.


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