Money Saving Tips for Artists!

Art is Everywhere!
It can be found within our architecture, our homes, our cars, and even our bodies. Without art we would  not have half the things we have today. Unfortunately tho art is expensive, whether that is buying a piece from a master or just purchasing the supplies. So here are a few tips to saving that wallet!

Did you know that you don’t have to buy Adobe Photoshop? There are plenty of free design programs that are available both for MACs and PCs. Two of my favorites are GIMP and FireAlpaca. They might not be able to do all of the fancy stuff that Adobe Photoshop can do but its a great place to start! And did I mention that they are FREE!!

As a fellow artist I truly loved all aspects of art but, with the prices for art supplies I find it hard to be able to enjoy the newest and latest materials. One of the greatest ways to get high quality art supplies (or at least a taste of the products) is by SketchBox. It is a monthly box that delivers art supplies to your door. Of course you might not know what is in that month’s box but still they offer some of the best supplies I have ever used!

Other ways to save that wallet of yours is to sell your own work. Of course you can do this by asking restaurants or cafes to display your work and you business cards but, one of the fastest leading ways of selling is online. One site in particular is Etsy. It is a very inexpensive service that will allow people from all of the world to see and buy your work. Of course there are a few more details then that but you’ll have to check out the website for yourself.

Another great way to save your wallet as an artist is by renting the equipment such as cameras or their lens. These baby’s can cost a pretty penny and make you cry but renting them is much easier and cheaper. Of course if you are 100% sure you want to be a photography then it is best to buy the actual camera. However buying them from reliable shops that sell them used! If you go this route find out all that you can about that store!


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