5 Must-Have Apps for College Students

There is no question that technology plays a central role in the life of a college student. We spend hours upon hours searching the web for information, typing papers for every class, and emailing professors with last minute questions. But sometimes it seems that our phone, the one device that we are on the most, is more of a distraction than an aid to our learning.

It would only make sense to use the device that is always glued to our hands to the best of our advantage, right?

Here are 5 apps that can help make your phone into the aid that you need to succeed!

Ellucian GO:

Stay connected to your college with instant access to a campus map, dining hall, library, and fitness center hours, sporting event dates, and campus news. All the information you need to make sure that you do not miss out on anything happening at your school is right here!

BlackBoard Mobile Learn:

Yes, the website where your professors post those last minute assignments and your long anticipated grades, has an app! Get instant notifications of grade updates and other important information straight to your phone and never miss an assignment again!


Have your To-Do lists, notes, and important websites for that research paper all saved onto one app! Keep your life organized and never forget about an important homework assignment again.


It is never too early to get your name out into the business world! LinkedIn is the perfect place to make connections in the area around you and maybe even find that internship that you have been searching for.

Procrastination Punisher:

Why not cut out the urge to check Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all together? Procrastination Punisher will charge you a fee when you check onto these sites during your study time. You will never want to become distracted again!




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